Why is the assessment for a medical massage by the hour instead of a flat rate?

Typically, a basic massage assessment doesn't take longer than an hour. 

In general, a medical massage assessment is much more involved and requires multiple hours to complete.  

Because of this, medical massage assessments have a built-in discount applied to them. 

We believe that people suffering from complicated issues and chronic pain deserve to get help without being nickled and dimed on top of everything else.

We are hopeful that if you aren't in need of a medical massage assessment, you can appreciate your good health and graciously accept that those less fortunate deserve to have access to services at a reasonable and affordable rate. 

Additionally, assessments are optional for the general population and mandatory for those in need of medical massage/neuromuscular therapy. Please contact us with any addtional questions or concerns. Thank you!

Yours in Health,

Jared and Rebecca

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