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Health Assessments

For those clients experiencing chronic pain and ongoing health issues, a full health assessment will help us ascertain how best to aid you in a return to function and better quality of life. 

Types of Massage

How do you know what kind of massage you need? Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, what's the difference? During your health assessment you will discover the most appropriate type of massage for your needs. Some people benefit from lighter pressure, heat application and aromatherapy. Others may need deeper pressure and assisted stretching. The ways in which techniques and modalities can be blended are numerous. We will work with you to help you understand just what it is that will be the most therapeutic for you.

Posture vs Fitness

There is a huge emphasis on correct posture by many in the health care field. What is the best posture? We are of the belief that dynamic posture is important - that means moving. If you are experiencing pain that is restricting your movements or if you have muscle weakness that makes "correct" posture uncomfortable, we are here to help you in your return to function. We collaborate with fitness specialists to aid you in returning to the best quality of life possible.

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